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January Squares: Moonlight

One of the fun things about this January Squares challenge has been to the opportunity to edit photos in a different way and revisit files.  Today’s file is one that was shot in March of last year:

ISO 100 f/6.3 120mm 1/250 sec

Shot from my backyard with my Canon 80D and the longest lens I own which is a 70-200mm. I started by googling recommended camera settings and gave it a try. Not bad I thought. Here is the resulting square edit:

ISO 100 f/6.3 120mm 1/250 sec

There is the obvious crop and in Luminar I added the Natural look.

The Instagram version is here:

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Moonlight. #januarylight #moon #moonlight

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Added to Day 15 of January Squares.


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I was puzzling over a photography assignment that was supposed to include angles.  By that I mean that it was somewhere percolating in the back of my brain.  What I was actually doing at this moment was taking long exposure photos in the dark.  Well, semi-dark, the sun was thinking about coming up.  It turns out the angle I was looking for was right in front of me:

ISO 160 50mm 0ev f/5 50.0s

Moonlight behind the tree, sunlight struggling to come up.  This is a 50 second exposure.  It turned out to be perfect for my angle assignment, so I headed back inside for a cup of tea.


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Travel Theme: Bright

Last week’s theme at Where’s my backpack was spooky, so there were a lot of dark night photos.  It was a lot of fun, but this week’s theme is bright.  I was taking a lot of night photos this week, but as you can see, it was pretty bright out:

ISO 160 50mm 0ev f/5 21s

That would be the moon hanging over my house at 6:21am.  The moon was super bright, and there were not a lot of clouds.  This is a 21 second exposure.  You can see some stars as well.