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Overrun with life and I haven’t even left my yard

This bunny is responsible for starting the morning madness:

ISO 200 135mm f/7.1 1/125

Out to eat in the yard, so I have to try and sneak up on it.  Didn’t get too close.  But then I found this:

ISO 200 135mm f/7.1 1/125

This is a handheld image.  I didn’t have the tripod out this morning because I was “too busy”.  OK, or not, or yes I am busy, but that other stuff is going to have to wait.  I’m dashing back inside for the tripod and shutter release to take some more pictures before the light is gone and I also have to be moving on.

ISO 100 135mm f/29 1/2

ISO 100 120mm f/22 1/2

Thoughts on the three egg photos? Do you have a favorite?

So, I got some photos and my youngest made it to school on time. Yippee!