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Introducing Bubbles

Our latest member of the family, Bubbles, is a male beta fish:

ISO 1250 50mm 0ev f/5 1/200

Wow, is he hard to photograph.  There is the glass, the light, his color, movement….  I goggle searched photographing fish just to get a few ideas of how to get a good shot.  We have had Bubbles for a few weeks now and this is the first photo I managed to get that I feel is fairly clear and representative of what he looks like.  Fish photo tips? feel free to leave them in the comments!


50mm Lens, Animals, Birds, Canon 50D, Nature, Photography

Eagle Taking a Bath

I got these shots with a 50mm lens.  The challenge here was the lighting and the movement of the eagle. With this first shot in particular, it was a question of not being quite close enough, but the water coming off the bird’s head is cool.

ISO 800 50mm f/1.8 1/2000

ISO 800 50mm f/3.2 1/400

ISO 800 50mm f/6.3 1/160

Looking at these photos, I think next time I will try shooting with a lower ISO.





Animals, Birds, Canon 50D, Nature, Photo Challenges, Photography

Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

ISO 200 47mm f/9 1/25

This photo is for the WordPress weekly photo challenge.  Movement is the theme.  These robins were constantly in motion this spring.