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Weekly Photo Challenge: Place in the World

I move a lot. On the order of every three to five years for my entire adult life. Something I’m frequently asked when moving comes up in conversation is, where is/was your favorite place to live? I’ll get this vague look on my face as I give a vague answer:

ISO 1250 13mm f/13 1/60sec

My favorite? the truth is, there isn’t one. I’ve liked something about them all and disliked something about them all.

My favorite is expressed in that photo above. It’s being in a place and coming across the unexpected, like this grave marker. In a graveyard of standard stones, it was both elaborate and unkempt. Here is the original file:

ISO 1250 13mm f/13 1/60sec

Even when I shot it, I suspected that it might have real potential as a black and white image.  I have cropped it using the straighten feature in Photoshop.  Then in Lightroom, I converted it to black and white with a green filter. I also sharpened it a bit.

What do you think of the black and white version? I like it, but honestly may go back and try a color version as well. In particular I’m intrigued by the various tones of green in the photo. I love visiting graveyards, do you as well or do you stay away? Your comments are welcome below.