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Have a Seat

I was walking through the National Garden in Athens when I came across these seats:

ISO 32 4.15mm f/2.2 1/50 sec

Given the sheer amount of history you are surrounded by in Athens, I couldn’t help but wonder how long these benches had been around, how many people have sat in them?

I took this photo with my iPhone. I liked it well enough to create and edited black and white version:

ISO 32 4.15mm f/2.2 1/50 sec

I’ve softened the background a bit, to give the surrounding trees a bit of a dreamy feel. I’ve kept the detail in the seats though, I found the detail on them and their texture interesting. If I had the opportunity, I would probably have shot this a bit differently. The tree in the foreground on the right side is a bit problematic. It’s distracting left in but taken out the first bench comes really close to the edge of the frame.

That’s how it goes sometimes though, I only had a moment to take the photo, so I did.  I’m glad I did, I like the scene. Do you have photos like this, something that you like but may have shot differently if you had more time? Do you like this is black and white? Feel free to comment below.


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