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Travel Theme: Animals

I thought the theme for this week over at Where’s my backpack? sounded fun and if you click the link to the post you will see some great photos of animals.

Here is my contribution for the week.  I take lots of bird photos, but I thought I would go with something different:

ISO 100 28mm f/3.5 1/80


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A different photo challenge

The usual photo challenge I participate in isn’t running this week, so I have tackled a travel themed challenge provided by Where’s my backpack?  The theme this week is foliage, so here is my photo:

ISO 125 f/9 0.5s 56mm

Shot in color, then I edited it in Aperture.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

ISO 100 8mm f/4 1/100

One of anything is what solitary meant to me as I was thinking about the WordPress photo challenge for this week.  I was out on walk with my larger camera and tripod, but decided to use my point and shoot for this image.  My camera bag is acting as a sun shade since it was the middle of the day.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

Free Spirit! That’s the theme for the photo challenge at WordPress this week.  I’m looking forward to seeing all the interpretations.  I went with this beetle who can wander where it wants!

ISO 500 f/11 1/30 65mm


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After the rain, the bunny came out

ISO 640 135mm f/7.1 1/125

It has been seriously raining here.  No outdoor, tripod, set up the camera and leave it routine for me.  In the five minute break the rain took, this bunny stepped out of the hedgerow for a bite to eat, think he saw me?  I think today’s nature photography tip is: Be Sneakier.



When Close Isn’t

An example of when close isn’t close enough:

ISO 200 135mm f7.1 1/20 handheld

Here is one of my baby robins, but this is as close as I could get today.  Minutes before one of the adults had been feeding it.  My tripod was set up and facing the other way. Sigh. So what I am left with is a too far away, slightly blurry, meld with its background robin. Sadly, the best of the morning pictures.




Who I’m Stalking Today (Without Leaving Home)

ISO 400 135mm f/5.6 1/30 Handheld

This robin was in our hedgerow this morning.  It actually grew up in a nest that was just outside my kitchen window.  It is still being fed by its parents; their activity was how I tracked it down.  It was very windy this morning, and this bird is new to flying, so I was able to get very close.  I refer to it as stalking, because I followed this nest very closely and will be using the photos I got in a number of projects that I am working on.  Certain people (OK, everyone) in the house was rolling their eyes when I began referring to the babies as “mine”.

My tripod camera set up caught this image this morning:

ISO 200 135mm f/6.3 1/13 tripod w/remote shutter

You will see that the bird in not in really sharp focus and I have lost a lot of detail in the black feathers.  What settings would you have tried to get a better photo?  My tripod set up and waiting for a subject got me a, “Mom, sometimes you are just funny” comment this morning.