Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth

There are times when I think about how we as people can't help but change the world around us.  It's like we can't help but interpret the earth around us, even if that means altering it.  Our generation is not the first to do this: When you walk around Stonehenge you can't help but wondering... Continue Reading →


Weekly Photo Challenge: Security

This past weekend I was at Ely Cathedral and took a tour of the Octagon Tower.  Here is a panorama from the top: I added the full size version to my Flickr account so you can click on the photo below if you would like to take a closer look: https://flic.kr/p/Tpsp4i It was a fabulous... Continue Reading →

What I Saw

Maybe this happens to you. You are looking at something and you see what is actually there, but in your mind you see something else. This happens to me a lot. When it comes to my photography it can create a bit of tension; part of me likes to record just the facts while another... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Atop

If I'm headed into Cambridge from the park and ride, I always head to the front seat at the top of the bus.  This week, I was joined by a fellow passenger who stood for the whole ride in making "vroom-vroom" noises.  I just settled for making a photo: I shot this panorama on my... Continue Reading →

Is That What I Meant?

Sometimes the image you create takes awhile to get to its final form.  I was working on a panorama recently that did not have the most auspicious beginning: It's a start, but it needed a lot of work.  I started with the crop tool.  That way I could get an idea of what problems were... Continue Reading →

Window on my Weekend

The theme for this week's WordPress photo challenge is window.  I spent the weekend at the hockey rink.  My little hockey player had a series of out of town games, so three games in less than 24 hours.  If you play hockey you know that is a lot of ice time.  I watch and take... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue is Green

This panorama is the second of two that I created for my Photoshop class: In full size this is a 36"x 17" print.  I know there is a limit to what can be viewed here on the blog, so I have put it in my Flickr photo stream as well. Since the theme of the... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

If you have ever been to a youth hockey game, or any other youth sport for that matter, you will already know that the possibilities for what might happen are pretty much infinite.  Infinite is the theme over at the photo challenge hosted by WordPress, so I thought I would use this image I have... Continue Reading →

Another Frosty Morning Photo

I was out a few days ago taking frost pictures. Today's picture I decided to edit in black and white.  Yesterday's photo was in color, but I thought black and white would be a better choice for this spent dandelion stem:   Since there was a lot of frost on the ground and I really... Continue Reading →

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