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Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

I was at the St. Louis Art Museum this morning, so I thought I would see what I could find for this week’s photo challenge.  The theme this week is curves, and here is my little gallery:

Curves are pretty easy to find in art.  I picked a variety of mediums to represent that.  Photographing art can be a bit of a trick.  For this outing I used my Canon Powershot.  A few weeks ago when shooting in a museum I used my Canon 50D.  The biggest difference between these two posts is really the weight of the two cameras.  Taking a point and shoot really is easier and the results aren’t bad.  Since I couldn’t use the flash, I did bump up the ISO to 800.  When shooting in a museum you do have to take a moment to think about the angle you want to shoot from.  Two big concerns for me are always glare and the background.  So, generally I try to get as close as possible and then sometimes crop the photo later.

How about you? what are your museum tips and tricks? feel free to leave them in comment section below.  If you have written a blog post about it, feel free to leave a link.


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Photographing Art

A project that I am working on is photographing three paintings that my friend and local St. Louis artist, Amy Adams, has painted for a soon to be open restaurant.

My job is to photograph the paintings in the most realistic color possible.  Amy will be using these photos for her own personal use as well as promotional materials.

All three were shot using a tripod and a custom white balance.  While these are ready for web use, I might have some more work to do in getting them ready to be made into prints.