50mm Lens, Canon 50D, Childhood, Photography

Photojournalism Looks Away

Yet again today I am going to be posting a picture and asking you your opinion.  I did a photojournalism series for my photography class and this is a photo that did not make the cut:

ISO 1250 f/5 1/25 50mm

For this assignment I was to follow an event from beginning to end.  I chose hockey evaluations for my youngest child.  I had 600 original images. Then 400. I saved 80, from those I chose 30.  This photo is one of the 30, but I needed to have less than 20 for this assignment.  The final project has 17 images.  I wanted to include an image that gave the viewer the experience of waiting for ice time to start.  This was one that I took in that series.  Do you think it conveys what I intended? how do you feel in general about photos where you cannot see the subject’s face?


50mm Lens, Canon 50D, Photography

Photography and Personal Preference

It is always interesting to me to read what people say in the comment section of my posts.  The same thing goes within my own house.  This picture has had some interesting reviews in our house:

ISO 1250 f/2 1/40 50mm

This photo is part of a photojournalism assignment I did for my digital photography class.  The assignment is a series of 17 photos following my youngest through an evening of hockey evaluations.  This photos was both a favorite and least favorite photo of the series.  Interesting.