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April Squares: Top Shots, Pigs in a Pile

ISO 25 f/2.2 1/358sec 4.2mm

Day 8, find other responses here.

Date and Location of Photo: September 24, 2017. Wimpole Estate and Farm. Yesterday I mentioned English Heritage, up today, National Trust.  In addition to a house, Wimpole also has a farm and plenty of open space. This photo was taken on a visit where they were hosting a 1940’s weekend.

Thoughts on the Edit: The photo has the Luminar Look, Elegant, applied at 64%. The full photo includes the mother pig sleeping nearby, although she is cropped out for this interpretation.

April Squares, an Explanation:

When Becky announced that the April Squares theme was going to be “top”, I thought it over and then sent her a message, then pitched my idea. She was open to my theme within the theme and the result is my response to the April Squares challenge.

I move a lot and I have a move pending. I’ve lived here in England for about four years and will be heading to the United States. Exact dates to be determined, given the current world situation, details have yet to be worked out. My April Squares is a “top shots” reflection on the last four years. Each square represents some moment or place that was meaningful to me. They are in chronological order moving forward in time. I’m attempting to post every day. All photos will be edited in Luminar 3. I hope you enjoy following along, I’ve enjoyed the process of creating. Your comments and thoughts are welcome below.


70-200mm IS lens, Canon 80D, Instagram, Luminar, Squares

January Squares: A Piglet’s Plight

It’s tough to be a piglet, all those siblings jostling for a spot:

ISO 2500 f/11 1/800sec 70mm

For the edit of this photo, I kept it pretty simple. It’s cropped, then I boosted the luminance of some of the warmer tones and applied a slight vignette:

ISO 2500 f/11 1/800sec 70mm

Here is the Instagram version:

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Dive in like it’s #friyay A #piglets plight for #januarylight

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My addition to Day 3 of January Squares.