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Weekly Photo Challenge: Sweet

Just imagine, a sunny day in February in Paris, pretty sweet, particularly if you consider the lousy weather they have had there lately. But there I was, on a beautiful day:

ISO 200 15mm f/14 1/125

This color version is fairly close to the scene as shot.  I have cropped it a bit. When I was editing I was interested in seeing a black and white version:

ISO 200 15mm f/14 1/125

And also a slightly different take on the color tones:

ISO 200 15mm f/14 1/125

I’m not sure I have a favorite here. The first I like because it is very close to the view I saw, including the vibrant blue sky. I like the black and white version because it adds a feeling of timelessness to the image. The bottom color version I like the way the gold and blue tones work together.

Do you have a favorite version of these three? I’d appreciate your thoughts in the comments below.