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Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

Well, sometimes things just work out.  It happens that one of my assignments last week was to take a photo from a unique angle.  This weekend unique is the theme for the WordPress photo challenge.  So here is my unique photo:

ISO 2500 50mm 0ev f/2.8 1/500

ISO 2500 50mm 0ev f/2.8 1/500

The view of a hockey player getting ready to put on their mask in the locker room.  It took some fiddling with the camera settings to get what I was after here.  I had to handhold the image, so it did have to be a fast shutter speed.  I wanted to blur everything except the cage, so low f-stop. High ISO because the locker room has pretty horrible lighting.

I have a lot of different versions of this on different settings, but this one was the best.