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Lens Comparison with a Red-Tailed Hawk

In part I am writing this post because unlike my other lens comparison posts lately I end up liking the 50mm lens result instead of the 28-135mm lens.  In my other two posts I used a Great Horned Owl and a Bald Eagle as a model, today I use a Red-Tailed Hawk.  I ended up not liking the closer up view, in part because it is just not sharp enough.  The 50mm lens was a sharper result, but I would crop the image if I was going to edit it.  The 28-135mm picture is first. In both pictures I used a tripod and custom white balance. Here they are, what do you think?

ISO 100 1355 f/7.1 1/6

ISO 100 50mm f/14 1/6