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Minor Obsession for the Week

Because we all need one?  Anyway, I have been working on the images below for a macro photography contest that I have entered them into.

Tree Bark

Robin Egg

Water Drop

There are no restrictions in this contest in terms of editing, so all these photos have been edited.  My editing skills are pretty basic at this point, so I mostly just crop and then mess with the color a bit.




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Photos for Rejection, I mean Submission

Because what fun is taking pictures if you can’t have someone reject them?

Ha, ha, sort of.  Anyway, I have two photos that I submitted today.  The first is a robin egg photo.  If you caught my earlier post, you know I was taking them this morning.  I went out again this afternoon, to get what I hope is a better shot.  This will go for judging to my camera club, and it has been edited.  I use GIMP for post-editing.

ISO 200 125mm f/25 1/5 tripod

This next one is for National Geographic “My Shot”. I can submit one photo per month. Post-editing is not allowed.

ISO 200 135mm f/6.3 1/25 handheld