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Made With Luminar: Edinburgh

This original file was shot at an outdoor area at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, and includes a view of the Castle and the set-up for the Tattoo that happens there every year in August:

ISO 800 f/18 1/640 22mm 1/640sec

I have several photos of this scene but I chose to edit this slightly underexposed image over a slightly overexposed one because there was more detail available in the sky and I was pretty confident that I could bring the underexposed parts up to an acceptable level:

ISO 800 f/18 1/640 22mm 1/640sec

I’ve applied two Luminar looks to this edit. The first is “Wonderful” which I’ve used a gradient to apply it more to the sky portion of the image than the foreground. The second is “Quay” which I set to 32%. I then applied a custom vignette.

The Tattoo is a show that is one of a kind and well worth seeing. While you are visiting Edinburgh to see that, the National Museum is a beautiful museum with a lot of interesting exhibits.

The Made with Luminar Series

This image is part of a project I am calling Made with Luminar. What the images in this series have in common is the software used to edit them, Luminar 3. As with my usual blog posts particulars of the camera settings can be found in the caption below the image. I’ll then explain what other filters and edits have been applied, often mentioning what layer and therefore order that they were applied. The text of these posts includes any Luminar “Looks” that have been applied to the photo. Each look is a series of presets that are applied to the photo. Where applicable I will mention what changes I have made to any of the looks. A full explanation of looks is available here on their website, https://skylum.com/luminar/user-guides/chapter-14-working-with-luminar-looks

You can assume basic edits have been applied. My most common edits are cropping, detail enhancement, and vignette. Specific questions or thoughts on the image are welcome in the comment section below.

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