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52 Week Smartphone Challenge: Week 16

This week’s theme, Shadow, is one that could be interpreted  in many different ways particularly at this time. I call this photo, Stepping Into My Space:

ISO 25 f/2.2 1/1166sec 4.15mm

What’s going on in this photo? Quite a bit. I’ll divide it into pros and cons.

Pros: I’m out on my daily allowed by the government walk, and it’s a beautiful day. The other shadow is my walking partner/teenager and we are both healthy. This is a friendly dog.

Cons: This is not my dog, it’s not on a lead, and I am both allergic and scared of dogs.

For me, this photo has a bit of conflict and tension in it. The original file lent itself well to a square edit, so I went ahead and used Hipstamatic to create the image. After an initial  shuffle of random filters, which the app will do for you with the touch of a button, I settled on a combination I liked and then did some additional edits to come up with this final version.

Your thoughts and comments are welcome below.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow

I’m living in England.  Some weeks that means that I feel like I am living in shadows. This has been one of those weeks.  An idea that I tried to capture on Instagram:

The photo has a filter on it, but the reality is that it was a very rainy and dreary morning in my office.  I liked the photo though, mostly anyway, so I decided to pull out my larger camera to see if I could create a photo that was more exactly in line with what I was thinking.  Here is the photo, taken with my Canon 50D, as it was before being edited:

ISO 800 50mm f/18 5.0 sec

One of the first things I did when shooting this version was to turn the red candle around so you can’t read the label.  Also, with this being a standard photo, I can allow for more space around the candles, something that Instagram is not set to do.  I set the f-stop to f/18 because I wanted the photo to be in as much focus as possible.  This of course means that there is less light for the exposure.  You will see that my shutter speed is a full 5 seconds.  So this photograph does require a tripod to be in focus.  In this case though, I just used my desk as a tripod, it just happened to be perfect for the angle that I wanted for the photograph.  Here is the final version:

ISO 800 50mm f/18 5.0 sec

I suspect the first thing you will notice is all the blur that has been added into the photograph.  You might find that odd considering I just made mention of how in focus I wanted the shot in the camera to be.  What I was thinking here was that I wanted the unedited version to be as close to reality as possible so that I could then decide what reality to keep in and what to edit out.  I’ve used the field blur feature of Photoshop to blur this image while keeping most of the candle sharp.  I’ve used the healing brush tool to remove a few marks and dust on the candles.

The final image is what I had in mind when I was originally looking at the scene.  It retains a lot of the reality of the scene but is a more subdued and meditative version. It is the version that I added to my Picfair portfolio.

What do you think of my various versions?  Feel free to leave a comment below.


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Travel Theme: Shadows

This week at Where’s my backpack? the theme is shadows.  I thought I would do a little bit different of a take on shadows.  In this case I am talking about shadows of the past.  I enjoy taking pictures of graveyards.  These are a few I took in Halifax, Nova Scotia:

I enjoy walking around, looking at the markers, and appreciating the quiet that cemeteries usually afford.