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Travel Theme: Liquid

This week’s theme over at Where’s my backpack? gave me the excuse to go back to a photo a took a few months ago.  If you take photos you have probably had this happen to you, you see a great subject but the light is awful.  Sometimes with photos like that, I edit them later into HDR images which is what I did with this photo:

HDR using Photomatix

This is a view of the St. Louis Art Museum that I thought would be interesting.  I took several shots of the fountains that day because they are quite nice.  When you see the original below, I think you will be surprised at what I managed to salvage:

ISO 200 28mm -1.67eb f/22 1/200

In order to make the HDR image I first created two additional copies of the original photo.  In Aperture I changed the exposure balance of the copies, one to a 0 ev, the other to +1.  Then I combined the three images in Photomatix.  The resulting photo I liked best was one of the “painterly” versions.


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Photo Walk yields the Park Police…

and this photo:

ISO 500 28mm f/22 1/125

This park police officer was nice enough to let me take this photo while he was out in Forest Park.  This photo was taken outside the St. Louis Art Museum.  I thought it would be neat to get a shot of the two horses lined up.  It was super bright out at the time though, so it was hard to get a really “nice” shot.  I was able to fix it up a bit in Aperture.

I was in the park because I was working on two different assignments for school.  It was also a beautiful day, so a nice excuse for a walk!