Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow

I'm living in England.  Some weeks that means that I feel like I am living in shadows. This has been one of those weeks.  An idea that I tried to capture on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BQNH_gKAVVC/?taken-by=marantophotography The photo has a filter on it, but the reality is that it was a very rainy and dreary morning in... Continue Reading →


A Simple look at the Rule of Thirds

If you are new to photography, one thing that you will hear a lot about is the Rule of Thirds. Not familiar with the term?  A simple, quick explanation can be found here.  As with all rules of photography, it is probably more accurate to call it a guideline.  Most of the time it works,... Continue Reading →

This Week in Digital Photography Class…

We are working on slow shutter speeds.  So, how's it going? you might ask. Arg, I would probably say.  I took this photo: Well, ok, you say, I can see that you have a 2 second shutter speed that's pretty slow. You're right, it is.  I think I got the kind of shot my professor... Continue Reading →

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