Weekly Photo Challenge: Wanderlust

This week's photo challenge starts with "Have you traveled anywhere exciting lately?"  Oh boy, travel is a topic maybe it's best not to get me started on as "going to see things" is a bit of a hobby for me.  It also happens that I was on the road just a few weeks ago.  I... Continue Reading →


Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

Something that changed my life in a lot of ways was living in South Korea.  As a family we have lived a lot of places and traveled as much as possible.  I have a lot of things to remind me of where I have been.  One of the things I am doing in my life... Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Through

I had been going through some older pictures this week including some from a trip to Yellowstone.  It was interesting that the theme at Where's My backpack? for this week was through.  I thought that this photo of a geyser bursting through the earth fit the topic, so I did some editing, and here is... Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: International Women’s Day

International Women's Day.  That is an interesting theme. I was a bit stumped on this one, but I thought of something eventually.  I ended up choosing two pictures: This photo I scanned and I use it as my gravatar.  My Mom took it.  She is gone now, but she was really computer literate.  It is... Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Roads

One of the things that I love about the travel photo challenges at Where's my backpack? is that it makes me think about all the things I haven't taken photos of.  This week the theme is roads.  I don't really think about roads all that much I guess; at the very least I don't take many... Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Mountains

This photo has a bit of a bittersweet story behind it: It's the Canadian Rockies as seen from a train.  We were on a lovely trip from Toronto to Vancouver on the train.  This was one of the last photos I got before my camera broke.  I am sure you can imagine that I was... Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Gaudy

Gaudy? hmm... for a travel theme? I have to admit that the first place that came to mind when I thought about this challenge was Las Vegas.  So, I decided to post this photo: I really liked this snail.  It doesn't seem gaudy at all in the garden at the Bellagio.  Of course, it is... Continue Reading →

Travel Theme: Shadows

This week at Where's my backpack? the theme is shadows.  I thought I would do a little bit different of a take on shadows.  In this case I am talking about shadows of the past.  I enjoy taking pictures of graveyards.  These are a few I took in Halifax, Nova Scotia: I enjoy walking around, looking... Continue Reading →

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