Weekly Photo Challenge: Heritage

I am a bit of a history buff.  I enjoy thinking about how generations before me lived, which is why I was fascinated by the interior of this church: It's a reimagining of what the church would have looked like in 1520 : The church is part of St Fagans National Museum of History which... Continue Reading →


Weekly Photo Challenge: Danger!

In case you thought it was safe to leave the house, my teenager will tell you it's not: Pictured above, a dinosaur, not my teenager. This is the terrifying or hilarious sight that awaits you at the entrance of National Showcaves Centre for Wales. It kind of depends on how you feel about dinosaurs. As... Continue Reading →

Is That What I Meant?

Sometimes the image you create takes awhile to get to its final form.  I was working on a panorama recently that did not have the most auspicious beginning: It's a start, but it needed a lot of work.  I started with the crop tool.  That way I could get an idea of what problems were... Continue Reading →

Designed for You

When we were planning our trip to Wales, we decided we wanted to explore Snowdonia National Park.  Our hardest hike of the week was going to be Mt. Snowden.  For us, the path that made the most sense was the Llanberis Pass, at nine miles, it was the longest way up and back, but is... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare

This summer has been a busy one. I've missed out on several weeks of blogging due to a move. But this past week week, I missed out because I was on holiday.  I was in Wales for the week.  I don't know about you, but when I think of Wales, I don't usually think of... Continue Reading →

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