Weekly Photo Challenge: Pedestrian

Not too long ago I took part in a charity walk whose path toured the grounds of some of the colleges at Cambridge University that are normal shut to the public. There were a lot of beautiful buildings and gardens but at Corpus Christie College I was stuck by this scene of all the pedestrians... Continue Reading →


Travel Theme: Walls

Quebec City has walls.  So you would think that I might have taken a few pictures of the walls when I was there.  I didn't though, and here is why, I was to busy taking pictures from the top: It was the view from the wall that I couldn't get enough of.  So even though... Continue Reading →

Stalked by Ducks

Umm, yikes they are following us!  It all started innocently.  I was just taking photos of this one duck: This one, the one I now refer to as my "gateway duck", due to the results you see in the first picture.  I have heard that you shouldn't feed the ducks, but I wasn't aware that... Continue Reading →

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