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Weekly Photo Challenge: (Moving) Forward

Warning: this post was written by an American who loves hockey.  Who knew eh?  To my regular readers who don’t love hockey feel free to skip this post or just scroll down and hit “like” 🙂 My typical style posts will be return next time. Thank you!

When I saw that the weekly photo challenge at WordPress this week was forward, I was a bit stumped.  Then I got a phone call.  It was a neighbor.  They have four tickets and a parking pass to the St. Louis Blues game on Saturday, we can have them if we can go.  So, it was decision time.  On one hand it is a no brainer, we in this household love hockey. The seats are in the “you can actually see the players” section.  Yes, we are going.  On the other hand, we are not really over the lockout.  I love hockey but not the NHL, which is problematic.

I love this game, so I am moving forward (sort of) from the lockout.  The bottom line is though, I’m not a fan of the NHL. I don’t appreciate the way the lockout was handled.  This season we have enjoyed our hockey at local arenas.  We are happy to hear that the St. Charles Chill will be the new team in town as of next season.  We are excited to check them out.

Got some pretty good shots from last night though:

If you are a hockey fan, how are you feeling about the lockout these days? feel free to leave a comment.  If you are a blogger, who has written about it, leave a link to your post if you like.



19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: (Moving) Forward

  1. Great pics and you got to see a pretty good game! I am a CBJ fan – yeah, it’s not always easy – who loves the game. I was very disappointed in the lockout, but I’ve mostly moved past it for a couple of reasons: 1) the businesses around hockey need the support; 2) stuff happens. I won’t buy a shirt or hat this year, but I will go to a few games and watch on TV. Yes, I wish the whole affair would’ve followed a much different path, but it didn’t. So now we’re moving forward as best we can. Go Jackets! 😎


    • It was a good game. As a CBJ fan, you have a had a few rough spots in the last few years, so I am glad that you are still a fan. There were a number of CBJ fans in the crowd including some that were sitting behind us. They seemed to enjoy the game as well, it was one of those good games win or lose. I also strongly agree that the businesses around hockey need support. Those are the people the lockout hurt the most.


  2. I don’t know what a ‘lockout’ is! We have a phrase ‘lock-in’ which is a bit like a private party in a pub – ie when a pub which should officially be closed (after licensing hours) and closes/locks its doors but the regulars/select few inside are still there, drinking…


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