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Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur

I received some tulips as a gift this week from my oldest child, and was thinking of taking some photos of them this morning.  I hadn’t really settled on how I wanted to take the photos so when the weekly photo challenge theme was posted as blur, I figured I found my answer.

I shot the tulips using two different cameras but ended up liking the results from my 50D best.  For these photos I had screwed on a magnifying lens to my 50mm lens.  I ended up editing two shots.  Here they are:

ISO 125 50mm 0ev f/2.8 1/640

ISO 125 50mm 0ev f/2.8 1/640

ISO 125 50mm 0ev f/2.8 1/320

ISO 125 50mm 0ev f/2.8 1/320

For this challenge I decided I wanted one spot to be in sharp focus and the rest to be a soft blur. Making the f-stop 2.8 fairly easy way to accomplish this.  Before shooting I had considered adding all the blur in Photoshop, but decided this time around to get the blur in the camera instead.

The two photos were edited different ways.  For the top photo, I made a curves adjustment that I thought made the colors deeper and brought attention to the point of focus.  I then sharpened the image.  In the second image, I felt the point of focus was a bit less important than the overall soft feel.  I added an oil paint filter and a color overlay of very light purple.  Then I also multiplied the layer, just to deepen the colors.  Here are the original photos out of the camera:

ISO 125 50mm 0ev f/2.8 1/640

ISO 125 50mm 0ev f/2.8 1/640

ISO 125 50mm 0ev f/2.8 1/320

ISO 125 50mm 0ev f/2.8 1/320

Interesting what just a few edits can do isn’t it?  Do you have a favorite?  Feel free to comment below.



48 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur

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  2. I just bought some tulips today, but our older daughter send me flowers last month for my birthday and I was constantly taking photos of them. 🙂 Such fun. I like all your photos.



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  4. I like the unedited first one, with the lens giving the blurred background, but they are all lovely examples of what we can achieve these days – first with the camera, and then with the electronic fiddle 😉


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  6. Brilliant shots for this week’s challenge. I love the processing you’ve done. Subtle, but enough to bring out the colours in both of the shots. It’s always tricky to figure out which effect to use first over the other in post-processing as they can give different a different look in the end.


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  9. my fav is the first with the curve adjustments – it does make the color richer – but I actually just like all four images – I have not seen very many flowers today and so coming to your post was a treat – it is raining here and blah – so this tulip color was a splash of nice –


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