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Weekly Photo Challenge: Corner

Fitting that this pub sits on a corner:

ISO 25 4.15mm f/2.2 1/220

Located on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, this pub is named after a local citizen who is said to be the inspiration behind Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. Deacon Brodie was a cabinet maker and thief.  His day job allowed him access to homes that he would later rob.  He was eventually caught and hung.  A short walk away at the National Museum of Scotland, there is a multi-floor exhibit that includes a cabinet that is attributed to Brodie, though was probably made by his father.

This photo was shot on my iPhone and edited in Lightroom.  The first edit was to crop the photo.  I decided on a square crop in honor of this week’s photo challenge.  While making the crop I took advantage of the angle tool which allowed me to straighten the photo a bit.  Since I had been standing close to the pub, the perspective was a bit skewed.  Having done that, I sharpened the photo and darkened the corners by sliding the highlight priority into negative numbers.

How do you like the edit?  Have you ever been to Edinburgh’s Royal Mile? It’s a popular tourist destination particularly in August during the Tattoo and Fringe Festival.  Both of those things are worth checking out. I would also recommend looking through the history of Scotland over at the National Museum, it’s an interesting display. Feel free to leave a comment below.



48 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Corner

  1. I’ve never been out of the U.S. – sad but true. I’m not much of a traveler. But I love your photos! My phone doesn’t have a great camera. Yours takes beautiful photos. I almost always edit, even if it just to crop or resize. I’m still using paint.net (free). Happy Thursday!


  2. I like this response to the challenge very much. This is a very interesting corner ( the paint peeling off the wall just above the corner of the building…!). I also like your edits; the photo is nice and sharp for all the details that are so interesting and the color contrasts are nice too. At least that is my opinion. Thanks for giving us the information on how you achieved this.


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  5. Great colour, composition and backstory. Thanks for posting your method. Amazing you’re getting such a good shot from iphone – I must trust mine a little more and play with lightroom more (I tend to just use the Windows Photo app)


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