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Weekly Photo Challenge: Peek

Last week I showed you photos taken at the top of St. Peter’s Basilica from the outside viewing area.  This week I’ll show you a few details of the interior of the dome. These are shots I took on the walk up, just a few details from a place that is a grand and beautiful. I’m a bit leery of heights. Sometimes, that fear inspires me to take a photo.  Here I am taking a peek into St. Peter’s:

ISO 320 4.15 f/2.2 1/17

To get this photo, I focused on the grid and allowed the background to blur. Even with the blur, it’s pretty easy to see how ornate St. Peter’s is.  A photo like this also expresses my fear of heights, I often feel that I can’t focus correctly, so I have directed the camera lens to do the same. I was using my iPhone, which likes to self-correct things it feels the photographer is getting “wrong”, so it took a few shots to get the photo I wanted. In this case, I knew I wanted the shot to be in its finished form without any further editing.

In some ways, it was much easier to get this shot:

ISO 500 4.15mm f/2.2 1/17

Close up detail of the eye of an angel, part of one of the many mosaics that ring the walkway of the landing.  Close-up, in focus shots, are the kind of photos that I think my phone generally handles pretty well. Again though, the camera defaults to catching what it thinks is correct; while the details are correct, the color is not.  The original file looks like this:

ISO 500 4.15mm f/2.2 1/17

I edited the photo in Lightroom.  I warmed the overall temperature, giving it a bit more of a golden glow.  A warmth not captured in the photograph, but that I felt was there at the time.  I’ve also sharpened it a bit and darkened the corners, to draw your eye to the eye in the photo.

I knew there were steps and a climb involved at St. Peter’s.  It would have never occurred to me though not to bring both of my cameras.  This is one of those times that people sometimes make the argument that it is better not to bring a camera, to just be in the moment. I can respect that line of thought, but for me this is a time of compromise.  I took out my camera, got the shots I wanted, then put my camera away and just spent some time looking around.  I’m that person in my family, the one that always gets to the top last.  How do you handle times like these? do you ever go without your camera?  How do you like my glimpse inside St. Peter’s?  Feel free to leave a comment below.




32 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Peek

  1. We have climbed the dome and i can assure you we likely had 3 or 4 cameras. I think there is happy balance between taking photos and then taking in the surroundings. Having a camera often helps me see things I would have otherwise missed.

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  2. I’m with you there: I bring my camera, take some shots that intrigue me, then allow myself to soak up being in the location. It seems to me the best of both worlds. Like you, having the idea of initially taking photographs makes me view the place in a way I otherwise might not think about.

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  3. I often don’t take my camera, just because it is easier to not have it. Then I am left with my iPhone 6s which often does not give me the results I want, and some regrets about not bringing my camera… oh well!

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  5. Incredible, Amy! Thank you for braving the heights to capture such wonderful glimpses for us.

    In my family, we have long accepted that we all go at different paces when we tour and view lovely places like these; those who are faster through simply sit and enjoy the view while waiting for the others!

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  6. I think the iPhone camera is a great substitute for reflex cameras because it is much more handy and with great quality. Also because the phone is one of the things always in hand so at any moment you pull it out and take at the last minut a lot of things.. so cheese!
    Love your photos 📸

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