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Looking Up

The original photo for this post I took almost a year ago, and have been tinkering with off and on ever since. It was taken with my wide angle lens which is an 11-22mm lens. The lens was purchased for two reasons, one is for landscape purposes. Wide angle lenses can deliver sweeping landscape shots.  The other reason was for shots like this one below. The lens made it possible for me stand inside Holyrood Abbey and get a lot of the interior in one shot:

ISO 800 10mm f/13 1/500sec

In this case, it almost looks like I’m shooting from below the Abbey. The first edit I chose to convert to black and white, but I kept a lot of the blue tones in.  It was a beautiful, almost blindingly blue day. So painfully blue, that for my first color version I toned the blues down by dropping the vibrancy:

ISO 800 10mm f/13 1/500sec

When I revisited the edit later, I added some warmth by increasing the yellow tones:

ISO 800 10mm f/13 1/500sec

I’m still not sure here, there are things I like about each of the edits and things I don’t, so your opinion is welcome below in the comments.

A bit of an aside, but in case you are wondering the Queen is at Holyrood this week:


Added to A Photo A Week Challenge.