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Weekly Photo Challenge: Relax

When I stumble across a scene like this, I get pretty excited:

ISO 800 50mm f/11 1/250

ISO 800 50mm f/11 1/250

This is one of the scenes that await visitors of Fountains Abbey in York.  It’s a beautiful place.  There is something about a view like this that I find very relaxing.  I spent the day here, looking around. I took the walking tour to get a better feel for the history of the place. But really I was just there for the beauty.

The photo above started like this:

ISO 800 50mm f/11 1/250

ISO 800 50mm f/11 1/250

I had my camera set to take a bracketed exposure because I was pretty sure I was going to want to make an HDR version in Photoshop.  HDR in this case because I knew it would give detail and a bit of pop to the ruins.  I then used my Analog Pro plug in as a starting point to make the photo look more like a photograph and less digital. I chose to keep the cool tones of the original since it was shot in December.  I’ve also cropped this photo a bit with the thought of keeping the focus on the ruins.

I’ve added this to my Picfair portfolio, because I was pleased with the outcome.  How do you like this edit, does it seem relaxing and peaceful to you?  Feel free to leave a comment below.



48 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Relax

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  2. crazykatya says:

    Definitely worth shooting a HDR version. I love the contrasts you pulled from the ruins, it really gives such a sense of depth and texture. And I can’t get over what you achieved with the sky. You made so many great choices with your editing!

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  4. As Sarah said, it feels more moody, and also a bit more haunting. Love how you made the light in the sky pop – it almost looks like it is going to open up. It feels like the calm before the storm 🙂


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  6. This is a remarkable image. It reminds me that my daughter (22 years old) was in Ireland last summer as part of a student archaeology project (near Galway). They were “excavating a castle” – the castle was not buried per se, but it was old enough that its age was not known – Vikings? Medievel? She said a focus of the project was to explore how the nearby community, Ballintober, wanted to relate to the castle. Did they see it as part of their heritage, something to bring in tourism, etc. – And, I love that you always generously discuss how you took and processed the photo. Others learn from this! 🙂


    • Hmm, that sounds like an interesting project, not normally what you would associate with archaeology.

      My photo processing is the reason for the blog. I wanted a place that I could keep track of what I have tried, how the results went, that sort of thing. When I started I thought of it as a resource for myself. What I hadn’t realized was what I was going to gain from the community. I love to look through other blogs and see what people are creating and thinking about.

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      • Amy, I like that you are guided by what you want from your blog. I have found it is sometimes easy to be drawn into trying to write for popularity on a social media-style site like this. I remind myself, what is my purpose, how can I learn, what can I do to develop my art or craft, and at the same time, have that connection with the community. Kudos!


      • Thank you very much. I do also find that there is a tension between writing just for myself and writing to be “popular”. It’s nice when the two things collide. I do think though, that I would eventually just quit if it was just about be popular, that ultimately is not a strong enough motivator for me.

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