Weekly Photo Challenge: Ambience

Sometimes when you visit a place, the ambience seems all wrong:

ISO 200 17mm f/5.6 1/1000
ISO 200 17mm f/5.6 1/1000

This is The Little Mermaid a nice statue in Copenhagen.  I just couldn’t help but feeling the background doesn’t fit the statue.  Instead of trying to edit out the background or make it more appealing, I decided to let it stand as a bit of statement on our modern world. We like to surround ourselves with beautiful things but industry is still required and is always lurking in the background.

The photo above I took with my point and shoot camera.  I then edited it in Lightroom.  I’ve applied a Nik filter for a photographic look and then I boosted the yellow and orange tones in Lightroom and added a vignette.  While I was visiting this statue I also posted a version taken with my phone to Instagram:

Because I'm in #copenhagen I had to take the #littlemermaid photo. #tourism #denmark

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With this version, I boosted the blue tones.  Again, I chose to leave the industrial background in.

If you google The Little Mermaid, you will see lots of different interpretations, and a lot of them have the background fixed up in some way.  I have to admit that I had seen so many images like that that I was surprised when I saw the statue in person.  Has that ever happened to you? That the version of a place you have seen on-line looks nothing like what you see when you turn up?  What do you think of my versions? Feel free to leave a comment below.



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  1. That’s interesting.. I remember seeing the Little Mermaid and I was more concerned about getting a photo of her without people clambering all over the the rocks to have their photo taken closer to her.. perspective is interesting isn’t it?

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  2. I actually like the fact there are industrial buildings in the background. It reminds me of the land vs water, nature vs man-made themes in The Little Mermaid movie I watched while growing up. The warm hues look like they work very well with this image, contrasting very nicely with the rock hard coolness of the statue. I think when someone points out something for you to see, you have to see it to believe it and then make up your mind on what you feel about it.


    1. Ultimately, this statue made me think a lot, mostly about the themes that you mention. It’s all that tension that gave me so much to reflect on. I agree too that sometimes things that everyone labels a “must see” are the things that you have to think the most about and really give some thought to if you are liking just because everyone says you should.


      1. Agreed. The “must sees” are always laden with more stories than meets the eyes. However, sometimes the “not-so-often sees” are also equally as captivating. Like that lovely plant in your latest post. Ordinary, but extraordinary from the way you framed it.


  3. very cool and I have never heard of her – but I can see why – as noted – others change the background. And I like how you left it in – it does give it a raw vibe and the contrast is cool.

    side note – was just reading that when Monet painted some of the trains – it was to embrace the industry while many of his friends were refusing to do so and did not want to paint industry – it was just a quick read while having lunch, but cool how it ties into exactly what you noted here about “industry is still required and is always lurking in the background”

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      1. Agreed, to me it’s also a question of resources. If I don’t like a digital file, I just throw it in the trash bin, no chemicals or darkroom to worry about. To me, it’s a better system. Either way it’s a choice of how much time you want to spend in the creation process.

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      2. yes… always a choice….
        and side note – I recall back in the day – late 80’s – when they would not charge us for photos that were blurry. Oh what a joy that felt like.
        but Never did the dark room stuff like you and many others have – and only heard about the process….


    1. I have been to Vancouver, and I can’t believe I haven’t seen it. Will make a point of finding that next time I am there!

      Also, just wondering if you are still writing a blog? I can’t seem to find you if you are so I was just wondering.

      Cheers, Amy


  4. I love the juxtaposition of the statue against the industrial background, that is amazing. Your Instagram image is so evocative. For me, it conveys a sad feeling that the mermaid is a relic of something from a lost time. It brings to my mind the loss here in Seattle of the native inhabitants’ living space of our main harbor. Thank you!

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    1. That is an interesting connection you have made here. Indeed her background is always changing, I heard while I was there that they are building an artificial ski slope and some new retail that would be in the background of this image if it had already been built.

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      1. That’s interesting. Old vs. new vs. newer. Hmmm! There’s a story there! Would you consider allowing me to use your photograph image – with credit and a pingback – in a very short story on my blog? No worries if you prefer not to!


      2. Yes, that would be fine and thanks for asking. I appreciate the credit and pingback, and would also appreciate when you post, if you would come back and leave a comment with a link to the blog post as well. I would love to have that available here. If you are having trouble with getting the image off my site, let me know and I can e-mail you a version.
        Cheers, Amy

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      3. Amy, if your offer to email the image is still open, that would be great, and of course you’ll see the credit and pingback when the story is done. 🙂 email theresa.barker at goddard.edu


      4. Perfect! I just edited my story to add your image and the photo credit information you included in your email, and I also wrote a paragraph about how much I enjoy your work and that readers might like to check it out. I’ll post it later today. I’m excited, I like the story that came out of this. Hope you do too!

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  5. I really like your version, because of the contrasts between the 2 worlds. The industrialized city and the sad marmaid .. Plus I never saw this perspective before, making it even more unique!

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  6. I have been there too! and like you, I was slightly disappointed when I got there, expecting a little more of a photographic moment. My daughter and I clicked a photo very quickly, trying to avoid the people who were attempting the same goal. It was extremely cold, sleeting and snowing, and there was no sunlight to utilize (January)…I am so glad I got to experience this photo that you took. Thank you for sharing.

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