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Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth

There are times when I think about how we as people can’t help but change the world around us.  It’s like we can’t help but interpret the earth around us, even if that means altering it.  Our generation is not the first to do this:

ISO 800 50mm f/10 1/1250 sec

When you walk around Stonehenge you can’t help but wondering why people did this.  There are no shortage of theories, but not a whole lot of definitive answers either.  That makes it more intriguing, but even if we had all the answers I think this site would still be awe inspiring.

Stonehenge is currently administered by English Heritage, and while there are a few different ways you can visit, we were in the area by car and did use the walking audio tour.  For this photo, I used my Canon 50D and took several shots with the thought of stitching them together in Photoshop to create the panorama you see above.  The main thing to keep in mind is to attempt to shoot as level as possible.  The first version of the panorama had some people in it.  I removed them using the healing brush and the Edit-Fill-Content Aware features of Photoshop.  I also did a white balance correction using the eyedropper in Levels, and sharpened the photo.  I am adding my Flickr version below that you can click on to see a larger version:


It is also available as part of my Picfair portfolio.

Below is an Instagram version, this version, shot with my iPhone gives a slightly different perspective and an idea of how many people I had to remove from the version above:

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#Stonehenge with #nofilter So beautiful @englishheritage #england

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Do you ever find yourself wondering about how the landscape has changed over the generations? or why people do the things they do? How do you like my panorama, do you think I did a good job removing the people?  Feel free to leave a comment below.



31 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth

  1. Love your panorama, and good job with post-processing. Can’t tell at all there were people in the shot. I’m guessing you took these by hand. I’ve tried doing panoramas with my camera before, and always, always struggled with leveling – or rather struggled to move the camera in a straight line as opposed to a curve.


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  3. Amy: I just read “Sarum” by Edward Rutherfurd – have you seen it? It’s a “James-Michener”- style historical novel about Salisbury and the area around Stonehenge, in which the author imagines fictional characters who come into the area or live in the area from prehistoric times up through WWII. I picked it up at random in a bookstore and it really gave me a much better sense of how the area came to be settled and resettled over time, with the Picts and Angles, the Saxons, the Romans, the French knights, etc. So, loved seeing your photographs since it reminded me of this historical saga and the knowledge I learned from it.


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  5. I so appreciate when artists share the process they go through, the technical details, to obtain the final image they are looking for. Thank you for sharing yours. I find it so helpful and inspiring. I definitely want to learn more about Photoshop. I took a class years ago, and want to revisit it.


    • Photoshop is one of those ever evolving programs. If you were going to start using it again I think a class would be a good place to start as they have moved several features around and added lots of new things over the years.


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