Weekly Photo Challenge: A Tour Guide on Patrol with the Ducks

A few days ago I went looking for these guys:

ISO 800 95mm f/9.0 1/3200 sec

Only in real life, they looked like this:

ISO 800 95mm f/9.0 1/3200 sec

I was looking for them because week six on the Dogwood 52-week challenge is alternating rhythm, or to practice using light and dark to create depth and rhythm. Sunlight on the lake often creates harsh shadows which adds a sense of depth.  As for these four birds, they always seem to be hanging out and patrolling the lake as a unit, the rhythm of their lives in step with each other regardless of the other activity on the water. It’s a honking loud rhythm too, in case you were wondering.

For this challenge, I was out to push the depth and rhythm ideas a bit. I added a motion filter and tin-like cast to the photo, I think it makes the light and dark contrast stand out, pushing it to a bit of an extreme for a nature image. Lightroom is a good editing tool for pushing ideas, sometimes you can go a bit too far though. Do you think this edit pushed the boundary of the challenge, or did it hurl it off the cliff? Your thoughts are welcome below.

It’s no wonder I went to my local lake, you will find me there a lot, it’s one of my favorite places to photograph:

Just a few shots from the last year or so. And one more from this morning:

#rainbow #thingsiseeonmyrun

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I may not make a good tour guide since I spend a lot of time chasing photos and listening to ducks, but it is beautiful and a good place to practice photography.



26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: A Tour Guide on Patrol with the Ducks

Add yours

    1. So, this comment and your other one about me being a bad tour guide ended up in my spam. I got an e-mail notification about them as well, so I knew they were somewhere. It was interesting too because there were a couple of other legit people in the spam bin with you.
      Anyway, that is the vignette on that one duck. I’m not crazy about it, but I wasn’t completely happy with the way he looked without it either.

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      1. well I am sure going with your gut is what matters – cos it is what keeps a signature style developing – maybe?
        and the spam thing puzzles me – but at least now I know to check mine,,,,


      2. I suspect the spam thing might have been that you had made two comments within a few minutes, I’ve heard that can be a thing. It was odd though, because of the 16 comments that were marked as spam about half of them were legit. Usually when I check my spam, it’s actually all spam.

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  1. do you mean comments like are NOT legit??
    “I have checked your website and i have found some duplicate content, that’s why you don’t make rank high in google’s search results,
    but there be is tool that can help you to create 100% unique….”

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      1. hahah – that was funny – well your meds and asian women can come with my guys who have lots of SEO tips and who want us to know why our submits can be higher???? huh?
        have a nice day


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