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Fenced In

I enjoy walking through cemeteries, and this one had several graves with metal fences:

ISO 2000 13mm f/16 1/160sec

The biggest challenge of shooting on this particular day was the light. It was what sometimes is referred to as “harsh”. Where the sun was making it through the trees, it was strong and bright. But even on a day like this, there were areas that were dark. For this particular shot, I waited for a sunbeam and shot into the sun. Against the photography “rules”? sure, but it lit up the spiderweb and I thought that was an important element in this photo.  I created two versions from the original file, the color above and the black and white below.

ISO 2000 13mm f/16 1/160sec

When it came to editing, I made the color image smoother, highlighting the warm tones of the sunny image. The black and white I created a more stark version, contrasting the light in the image with its darker subject matter.

This is the original file, taken at Cimetière des Quatre-Nations in Caen, France:

ISO 2000 13mm f/16 1/160sec

You can see that the other choice I made here was to crop the image. Another version of this image went in my Instagram feed so it has a square crop.


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I chose to put the black and white version in my Picfair portfolio. These various versions are different from one another, but do you have a favorite? Feel free to leave a comment below.


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51 thoughts on “Fenced In

  1. A beautiful shot – and I am a lover of cemeteries, just like you. I love those rusty old fences, and the cross in the fond. The light is great as well – I often shoot into the sun as well. My favorite is the B&W.

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  2. Hi Maranto, I like reading how you took the photo and how you did the editing. I like both the color and B&W editions. The color one brings out the spider web which is so hard to shoot. I tried to take spider photos at night, but none turned out to my liking. The B&W certainly has distinct contrast. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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  3. I like the photos. I wonder how it looked when they first put that cross up. Looks like so much time has passed and it’s no been taken care of. You capture the site from a interesting angle. Thanks for the perspective.


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