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Well that was Fun

There were a few things I had in mind when I sat down yesterday to work on an editing project in Luminar.  The first was that it was Halloween, so I had to pick an appropriate file to work on:

ISO 800 50mm f/16 1/100sec

The second was that it was Halloween (sounds a bit like the first thing) but that meant picking an appropriate filter:

ISO 800 50mm f/16 1/100sec

Luminar had released some free Halloween presets, so I used “Darklord” for this photo. But what I really wanted to work on was creating a watermark that I could use in Luminar. Up until now I have been exporting my files to this blog from Lightroom and applying the watermark at that point. Luminar is promising to release a library feature soon and I am hoping that will mean I can ditch Lightroom, but I do like to have a watermark. I e-mailed Luminar and they sent me a link to a page that contains directions for making a watermark; scroll down on that page, the directions are there I promise. The results are on the second photo, the first photo has my Lightroom watermark on it.

It was a fun little project that didn’t take too long to complete. I’m thinking it’s fine as a starting point, but I may go back and tweak it a bit. What do you think of it? I’m open to suggestions in the comments below. How do you like the Halloween look to the edit of the photo? How was your Halloween? Feel free to comment below.


Added to Lens-Artists Weekly Photo Challenge, Just for Fun.


44 thoughts on “Well that was Fun

  1. I like your editing! I should use watermarks but I get a bit lazy.

    I also have been posting straight from my phone. Another lazy point by me… but because we are so active and always on the go I am glad to post when I do.

    I enjoyed your edits!


  2. I like the filter and I am not that into Halloween so no big holiday here (when children were little we loved dressing up)
    and with your watermark …
    I like the second version but it is a little too narrow and squished’-like (seemed like EKG lines with the up and won – well maybe not…) but for branding – well I would not have known it was your logo if I did already know you and see the above image.
    The top one has the word photography too big (IMHO)
    and so as you explore options – I would maybe have Maranto on top and photography right underneath and smaller.
    I would also keep it the size as the top one (maybe experiment with fonts like you are) and then keep it nice and big like that but have it whisper light so it identifies the author without pulling from the photo.

    One time I heard someone explain the font used on restaurant table top menu suggestions. You know the little centerpieces at diners and casual eateries.
    Well the font should be big enough and clear enough so that if someone forgot their glasses they’d be able to read it easily. You likely already know this, but I think it applies to some watermarks (not if you want it hidden or barely visible) and with that in mind the Lightroom won is the winner watermark of the two


  3. While I like the preset, I wouldn’t have thought it was Halloween inspired. The original photo might also work really nicely in B&W, given all the texture. Any particular reason you are thinking of ditching Lightroom?


    • Interesting, I hadn’t really considered B&W, maybe I’ll give that a shot. Yes, the filters they released for Halloween I thought were pretty understated, which is why I went ahead and downloaded them, I think I will have some use for them and not just for Halloween.
      So, the main reason I am thinking of leaving Lightroom is the subscription model. I prefer to just own outright whatever I am using. I would also like to have the ability to edit and not have an internet connection. What does your workflow look like? Are you a LR and PS user? just curious…

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      • I’m a PS user and have never switched, though I have plenty of complaints about it. 😄 Still, I’ve become used to how it works. The subscription model is tough, and I feel that more brands are going that way.


      • There is a lot to be said for sticking with what you understand. I think that if you truly understand whatever editing software you are using, you can get a lot more out of it. I would agree with you that more brands are going the subscription route, and for some things that doesn’t bother me but for PS it does.

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