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What I Am Working On: What to Leave In, What to Take Out

When it comes to editing, there is always a bit of deciding what to leave in and what to take out. Here is a file I was working on last week:

ISO 800 11mm F/13 1/500sec

In my edit, I decided to take out the people. In this case, the eraser tool was sufficient for this:

ISO 800 11mm F/13 1/500sec

I’ve cropped the image, but just slightly. I wanted to leave in the shadow of the tree. The tree itself I wanted to leave in the center of the frame, despite this being against the “rules” of photography. I wanted to leave in the feel of a sunny day, but I did decide to add a vintage film filter to this file.

All the edits here are pretty basic, but they do change the image. What do you think of these changes? feel free to comment below.


Picfair version is here.

Add to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, Shadow.


23 thoughts on “What I Am Working On: What to Leave In, What to Take Out

  1. Looks very good. I have to confess that I prefer landscapes without peolpe and that there are times when it really doesn’t matter that the subject is in the middle of the image. Sometimes rules can limit creativity. Love the photo.


  2. That’s a great shot that – and the crop does improve it (and the head removal although I had to search for them). I like that the fact you have the main subject in the centre of the frame, rather than on a third – it makes a nice change of dynamic. I also think you were very lucky with the clouds. The angles in them really add to the picture.

    Do you know that’s the most photographed tree in Europe.


  3. gravelghost says:

    Rules are merely guidelines. Ultimately you should decide how you want your image composed based upon how you want it to feel. I like your tree being centered. The shapes of the shadow and wall balance it and keep the eye moving. It’s a beautiful image.

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  4. In the edited version I feel like there’s more movement there. Subtle streaks in the clouds, the walls and tree are lighter, of course. Feels like you’re featuring the tree on centerstage, lovely! πŸ™‚


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