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Daily Record Weekly Photo Wrap-Up: Week 28

This week I’m happy to say I actually took a photo every day. It’s something that I try to do but am not always successful. It’s still a small gallery because ultimately, just because I take a lot of photos doesn’t mean I take a lot of good photos. But I do try and I would argue that practice is an important part of the equation:

Welcome to this week’s installment of my daily photographic record.Β Posts in this series will be photos from the week before, roughly Friday through Friday. This, once a week, wrap-up post will publish on Sunday. The photos for this post will be in a gallery format, they will have all been taken on my phone. The captions on the photos will be an indication of the photo-editing software used to edit them, or simply “as shot” for those that are unedited.

Writing a weekly wrap up with a gallery is a way for me to gather my thoughts on what has caught my attention in the previous week. It will be a way of filtering through what I am thinking about photographically. I’ll also be able to come back to these posts and look at what trends emerge over time.

As with all my posts, your comments are welcome. I appreciate your interaction with my work here on this blog. It is my intention to publish in this series on Sunday. Every Sunday that is possible. Looking at my year, I already know there are some weeks where I will not be close enough to my technology to make a post possible. In an effort to keep this project pleasant for myself, I won’t be attempting catch-up posts.

Hope to see you in the comments below and in this space next week!



21 thoughts on “Daily Record Weekly Photo Wrap-Up: Week 28

  1. I love the sunflowers, they also look great in black and White. I have just lost my phone along with many of my photos. Unfortunately I had not backed them up fo sometime, a mistake I don’t want to repeat. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos.


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