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Cranes and “the rules”

Photography rules that is.  One of them, that I only heard a few months ago, was that you have to have an uneven number of objects.  Two of something would be “wrong”.  Here is my wrong photo:

ISO 160 f/5.6 1/40 135mm

I think two works in this case.  Given the distance the birds were from me, this is the sharpest shot I was able to get.  It is fine for this format, but I can tell you that it wouldn’t work very well as a large print.  I did crop this photo.  I also changed the saturation values and sharpened it.



2 thoughts on “Cranes and “the rules”

  1. Haven’t heard that one personally – but breaking the Rule of Thirds is often viewed as something you do at your peril. I usually find that rule works for landscape, architecture and posed portraits but falls down with things like sports photography.

    Looks like you had a window to contend with on this one too, which doesn’t help!


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