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Look it Up

Photos like this one can be fun:

ISO 200 4.3mm f/2.7 1/1000

This photo was shot here on what is sometimes referred to as the Backs of Cambridge. It’s called that because the river flows behind several of the colleges that make up the University. If I was to cross the road here and look off the other side, I would have a view of the Mathematical Bridge.

At this particular moment though I was on a walk that went through Cambridge. With me was a history enthusiast, he had done research on the area we would walk through and then looked up these photos online. I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the older photos with the modern scene as a backdrop.  I had done something similar for Instagram when we were at Omaha Beach:

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What these two photos have in common is that they were taken with smaller cameras. The one in Cambridge was taken with my point and shoot. In my opinion, my smaller camera is fine as it has sufficient technology on board to take the photo I want. In this case, I set the focus on the older photos and let the background fall slightly out of focus. I thought this would make for a more interesting storytelling image.  The only edit I did post-process was a slight crop.

Do you ever take images like this one? Do they appeal to you at all as a way of telling a history?  Do you like my take on the history of the Backs? Feel free to leave a comment below.


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15 thoughts on “Look it Up

  1. Great take on the challenge, Amy. I love the idea. (I’m a history buff and write historical fiction. 🙂 It would be interesting to take portraits of people with an insert of their “younger” selves.


  2. marlene frankel says:

    I like to see the changes in an area. This may inspire me to capture the current times today, and check back in a couple of years. I often drive down a road and see a new building going up and try to remember what was there before.


  3. I really like the way the old photos allow us to compare and contrast in the same look – as opposed to having to go back and forth from separate images –
    This was a unique take on the prompt


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