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Go Big, Or Go Home

I’ve made a big decision this week. Well, photographically speaking anyway. I’ve bought a new editing software, Luminar 2018. For its first real trial run I pulled out a photo of the Alhambra:

ISO 1000 19mm f/13 1/1250sec

The Alhambra is a huge complex. I had walked it the day before and was interested in getting a shot that would show how it fits into the local landscape.  The file below is my edited version:

ISO 1000 19mm f/13 1/1250sec

As with anything new, it is obvious to me that I will be watching a lot of tutorials on how to use Luminar more effectively.  As far as advanced tools go, one that I really want to work well in my editing software is the eraser tool. In the original file, mid-ground, on the right side, there is a crane. I removed it for the bottom file. The edit was pretty easy to make, once I’d watched a video explaining the steps. I was happy with the result as well.

If you like to read about editing, I’ll talk a bit here about why I made this purchase. I have been using Lightroom and Photoshop as my main editing tools. My two most serious complaints about them are the subscription model and the need for an internet connection to use them. Buying a stand-alone piece of software requires a one-time purchase, I’m never obligated to buy an upgrade. To be honest, because I do a lot of editing, I probably will buy an upgrade at some point. With this software, no internet is needed to make my edits. In the coming years, I do see myself as potentially being in places with less internet.

Why did I buy now? A couple of factors. Luminar 2018 is coming out with a library feature that will potentially boost the cost of this software. I purchased it now and will have access to that update at no additional cost. Another important factor is that in March my Adobe subscription will be due for renewal. Buying now gives me time to learn this software and see if it will actually work for my needs. If it doesn’t, Luminar does actually work as a plug-in with Photoshop and Lightroom. That’s what my research indicated anyway. At this point, I have not installed it as such, because I would like to use Luminar as much as possible on its own, in order to make a better decision for myself come March.

What can you expect as a reader of this blog? Me, experimenting. Because I already write a lot about my editing process my posts will be very similar I expect. Making this switch has already been several months of research in the making. As a reader, you will see the results unfold. Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question below.


Added to Tuesday Photo Challenge, Go Big!


33 thoughts on “Go Big, Or Go Home

  1. The edits look really good Amy, it will be good to see how you enjoy working with this new software. I only use Lightroom Classic, which is desktop based, and the monthly subscription is very reasonable. I understand that Lightroom CC is a Cloud-based version for which you need the internet, although there is an app which lets you use it offline for up to 99 days.


  2. I’ve purchased Luminar.. I love it. I’ve also got ON1 Raw 2018.5. As much as I want to ditch Adobe subscription, I am reluctant to give up Photoshop.. as Luminar and On1 both work as Plugins. I do like using the Sunrays in Luminar… a feature I wish ON1 had.


      • I did try their trial software on my Windows PC about a year ago. It seemed to hang quite a bit on me and I got the impression that they hadn’t put nearly as much work into the Windows version as they had the Mac version. Maybe this will get better and I’ll give it another try.

        Thanks for your response.


      • Yes, I’ll be curious to see how they develop that as well. For a while, it was Mac only, so the idea that the first Windows version wouldn’t be as good as the current Mac is understandable. However, if they are really going to grow the product they will have to get the Windows version up to speed.


  3. Great edits! I’ll be interested to see what else you can do with this software. Personally I use GIMP, which is freeware, and that does everything I need to do including adjusting contrast, saturation, editing out small objects, etc. So it’ll be cool to see the differences!


  4. It‘s always a discussion, which Software to use. I prefer the last LR standalone. But what is in 3, 4 or more years? I don‘t know.
    But another Point: 19 mm allow 1/50 or 1/100s. And then you don‘t need ISO 1000. Low ISO is always better, there are more possibilities to rework in the Software, LR or Luminar , no matter.
    Have a great day.


    • You’re right low ISO is better. Also, I agree, software can be a pretty endless discussion, it does come down in large part to a personal preference. Does the software do what you want it to do? if the answer is yes, great, if not, just keep looking, there are a lot of good options available.


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