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What I Am Working On: Vintage Photo Look, Again

This post is a follow-on to this post I wrote last week about creating your own vintage photo look. As I wrote in that post, this is the video I followed as a starting point. I’m going to talk a bit more about that particular look I created and then show a second one. So that you can see the differences in the two looks, I will show them both on the same photo. I’ll also be including screenshots of what my settings look like for the edits. The file I am using is this one:

ISO 800 22mm f/22 1/160sec

This is a Byzantine-era church that sits in the shadow of the Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Athens. Both churches are beautiful, but for different reasons. The first vintage style look I created looks like this when applied:

ISO 800 22mm f/22 1/160sec

And here is a screenshot of the edits:


The second look when applied is this one:

ISO 800 22mm f/22 1/160sec

And here are the settings for it:

I hope that you found the screenshots of the settings useful and the fact that the edits are done on the same file to be helpful as a point of comparison. Do you prefer one of the looks over the other? I welcome your feedback and thoughts in the comment section below. I have saved both of these settings for application in other files I’ll be working with.


Added to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, Two.


30 thoughts on “What I Am Working On: Vintage Photo Look, Again

  1. I like that third image. Thanks for sharing your LR settings. LR is a powerful editor yet I find myself using the same sliders. I need to play around with curves and split toning for fun.


    • Actually, I’m using Luminar 3 here. I just point that out because I know you have some idea of what is on the market in terms of software. This is an edit though that would be easily done on Adobe’s line of products as well. You are right about using the same sliders a lot, that is something that I do as well.


  2. My preference is the slightly cooler first vintage style as I feel it better suits the church’s shaded position. It’s a fascinating building – what a shame it’s so hemmed in!


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