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What I Am Working On: Vintage Photo Look

I shoot using a digital camera and have now for years. Recently I inherited a film camera and have got it up and running, my first roll of film partially shot. I’m enjoying it, but doubt I would ever fully make the transition back to film.  I love the look of film photography though, so it is something that I edit my digital files for frequently. I often use presets as a point of starting to create a film look, but don’t have a particular one that’s a favorite. So, I decided to try my hand at making my own preset. First I found some instructions on what filters to use to create the look. The detailed instructions I used are in this video. I didn’t follow all the settings exactly, but I think that video is a really good starting point, including some basic explanations, that make it easy to follow. I experimented using this file:

ISO 500 10mm f/22 1/125 sec

This is the Odeon of Athens, part of the Acropolis complex, it is in active use today. My final vintage look file turned out like this:

ISO 500 10mm f/22 1/125 sec

I was really pleased with the settings that I used, so I saved them as a preset. The video gives instructions for Luminar, but really it would apply to most photo editing software. Settings you are changing to create this look include things like saturation and curves, standard things found in most software.

Do you like vintage photo looks? Have a favorite technique? feel free to share your thoughts below. If you are interested in film photography, I would recommend Down the Road, it’s a combination of camera reviews, film photography related discussion, and personal essays. Extensive film photography knowledge is not necessary to enjoy the blog and Jim is good about responding to comments.


Added to A Photo A Week Challenge, Urban.


12 thoughts on “What I Am Working On: Vintage Photo Look

  1. I won’t be going back to film as it is hard with photographing moving objects like horses to know if you have the shots you need and with digital you can look and know if you need another shot of that extended trot or not. I am interested to know you are experimenting with it however. It is a different look and a good one.


  2. I shoot about half digital and half film. I generally edit my digital shots mostly to get more realistic color and to fix any white-balance issues, and that’s about it!


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  4. I love how warm, vivid and sharp the results are when shooting in film. It’s just so nice and fun but it is just too expensive. I’m currently into film and it’s making me broke. I’m enjoying it though. (not the broke part haha)


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