When Nature gives you a Pattern, Wear It

I recently finished a series of 10 images for a photography class I was taking.  All of the images are of birds.  Here is a Eurasian Eagle-Owl:

ISO 200 300mm 0ev f/5.6 1/200
ISO 200 300mm 0ev f/5.6 1/200

The pattern of feathers help the owl blend in with its surroundings.

For this particular series of photos, I rented a 70-300mm lens.  I did also use a tripod for this image.  I used a bracketed exposure setting because I wanted to make an HDR image.  In this case I have three exposures, -1,0,1.  I used Photomatix to process the image into an HDR version.  Once the images were combined I used a “painterly” option that is available in Photomatix.  For this image I was interested in maintaining and highlighting the detail in the feathers.  After I was finished creating the HDR image I edited the photo in Photoshop.  I sharpened the image a bit by going to Filter-Other-High Pass.  In the layer panel, I chose blending mode “Hard Light”.  For my class I printed a 10×15 version that I matted.

Questions or comments about this image? Feel free to leave them below.

This post was written in response to the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge which this week has pattern as its theme.



58 thoughts on “When Nature gives you a Pattern, Wear It

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    1. Thank you. I took 3 classes this semester and while I learned a lot, I have to say I will never do it that way again. I do think it is helpful to take classes, if for no other reason that it keeps me thinking, so I will be taking a class is the fall.


  1. Amy – I like it as a response to the pattern theme. Having seen all ten in class I am anxious for you to post the rest of them.


  2. He is SO handsome .
    You have kept it absolutely natural with any little editing PJB terrific image .
    I ‘ve got to see an Owl soon or I shall burst Lol


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