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Now, the Next Step

I’ve been writing lately about a project I am working on for my Photoshop class. I’d like to thank everyone who has offered an opinion about my various creations.  Well, today I was in the print lab and created these:

ISO 100 7mm 0ev f/4 1/13

ISO 100 7mm 0ev f/4 1/13

Now the question is, which version of these various prints am I going to turn in? I have these out on my table and will be looking at them over the next few days to figure out what will be turned in and if any of them need to be printed again.  To add to the challenge, I have two different types of paper!

For the photo above I used my point and shoot, sometimes that small camera is the best for telling the story of my day.  Do you have a small camera that you carry everywhere?



43 thoughts on “Now, the Next Step

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  7. I only have a small point and shoot. It is a Sony Cybershot DSC Hx 20v. I carry it everywhere and I like it, but I would like a camera that can shoot better photos from a long distance. Best of luck with your assignment!


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  9. I always have my Smartphone with me ….just in case. When traveling then one or two more depending on the adventure. I just read about the squirrel in your house! How did you get it out?


  10. well out of the choices I see – I like the blue-ish tones of the trees in the middle – and love that greenish hue in the bird photo to the far left -so there are my two votes from what you have shared. 🙂
    oh and glad the squirrel left your photos alone – but do check for paw prints around the pics – I mean hey – he may have stopped to look at one or two and that may help you decide which he/she liked most. just kidding….
    but please show us your selections when you finally decide….


    • Actually, I did check very carefully for a squirrel print of approval, but there were none. The only opinion the squirrel left was that we need to replace the floor lamp 🙂
      As for your choice, those are two that I have decided I will be turning in. So, several will go in on Monday and then in that next week or so, one or more of them might make it to the wall at school. I will photograph any that make it and write a follow-up post then, so stay tuned 🙂


  11. Laura Bloomsbury says:

    Ricoh CX3 – my starter camera and faithful companion when I’m out snapping. Fits into my pocket jsut perfectly! Fascinated with yoru project – keep us posted!


  12. I love the photo of your photos! I have a camera in my cell phone, but it is too fiddly to use, and right now the memory is full, so I have to email the photos to myself, which I don’t remember how to do. I should have a little one for around town, and that’s something to think about. Good luck with your photoshop class!


    • Thanks, I will be turning some of them in today. If your cell phone is full it’s time for a new phone, right 🙂 Actually you could probably just plug the phone into your computer and just have a mass download. I do that every once in awhile. I use Aperture to organize my photos, so I create a new project called “iPhone dumpth” and the date. That will save the photos as their largest size because sometimes when you e-mail them, they are sent at a smaller size. Just some random, unsolicited advice for you 🙂


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