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Weekly Photo Challenge: Sweet

Just imagine, a sunny day in February in Paris, pretty sweet, particularly if you consider the lousy weather they have had there lately. But there I was, on a beautiful day:

ISO 200 15mm f/14 1/125

This color version is fairly close to the scene as shot.  I have cropped it a bit. When I was editing I was interested in seeing a black and white version:

ISO 200 15mm f/14 1/125

And also a slightly different take on the color tones:

ISO 200 15mm f/14 1/125

I’m not sure I have a favorite here. The first I like because it is very close to the view I saw, including the vibrant blue sky. I like the black and white version because it adds a feeling of timelessness to the image. The bottom color version I like the way the gold and blue tones work together.

Do you have a favorite version of these three? I’d appreciate your thoughts in the comments below.



31 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sweet

  1. #sweet! My favorite is the first. I gasped when I saw it and my heart did a little jump. The other versions were nice, but there is something about vibrant blue and gold that work well for me. Hope you are enjoying your travels


  2. Difficult this time; I was about to write I prefer the original one and took a second and a third look and now I go for the b&w. I think it works very well for monochrome.


  3. I like the vibrancy in the first color version, especially in the relationship between the two gold elements and the sky. More details, fullness visible in the clouds which gives them more substance.
    When the sky is very bright I find getting this fullness with clouds in black and white challenging.
    I like how the details in the black and white photo are more visible because the photo is lighter. The expression on the face is more visible as are the details in the buildings across the Seine.
    Of the two color photos I prefer the first. I like the saturation and the lighter tone in the sky and clouds as well as how the highlights in the sculpture and railing seem to pop more.
    Between the first color and the black and white I don’t have a preference. They are so different and I like some things in both.
    Thanks for showing the three versions.


    • Thank you for your thoughts on this. I did think each version had a bit of something different, so it was worth posting all three. I agree that when the sky is bright, getting it to look good in black and white can be a challenge. That’s how I came to translate it to a lighter black and white, the edits that were more “high structure” really did not turn out the sky in a pleasing way.
      It is nice to have digital editing that allows you to make several different versions and from there you can decide which suits you best.


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  5. Love your unusual perspective shots, Amy. Genius!

    confession: I liked the first photo best. Not sure why, I think the gold accents on the statue really popped even though it wasn’t pure b&w beyond. I really like the vantage point, like you’re peering over the shoulder of the statue. 🙂


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