70-200mm IS lens, Canon 80D, Instagram, Luminar, Squares

January Squares: A Piglet’s Plight

It’s tough to be a piglet, all those siblings jostling for a spot:

ISO 2500 f/11 1/800sec 70mm

For the edit of this photo, I kept it pretty simple. It’s cropped, then I boosted the luminance of some of the warmer tones and applied a slight vignette:

ISO 2500 f/11 1/800sec 70mm

Here is the Instagram version:

My addition to Day 3 of January Squares.



20 thoughts on “January Squares: A Piglet’s Plight

  1. Great photo….several years back I took a tour of a hog farm and watched as piglets were being born…… interesting fact is the hair on pigs direct the piglets to their mother’s breasts.. the newborn piglets are blind at birth but can crawl at birth. Crawling against the mother’s back is against the bristles and crawling toward her breasts is with the bristles. It’s true of my puppies, too.


    • Interesting, I did not know that. I guessed that they must have fairly strong instincts to locate their mother as there was a sign posted that if you found a piglet outside of its enclosure you should just let it be as it would find its way back.


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