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It has been awhile since I have posted a hot air balloon photo, but I was working on some this weekend:

ISO 640 50mm -0.33ev f/16 1/40

This was taken in the fall at the Forest Park Balloon Festival.  Here is the original photo:

Looks pretty different eh?  In Aperture I created two additional versions of the photo, I lowered the exposure on one, raised it on the other.  Then I took my three photos into Photomatix and put them back together.  I ended up liking one of the “painterly” settings best.

I also took out some stray ropes, boosted the color and sharpened the image.



Presenting the biggest Energizer bunny in existence as part of the WordPress weekly photo challenge.


50mm Lens, Canon 50D, Photo Challenges, Photography

Weekly Photo Challenge: Big